Sep. 15th, 2013 11:50 pm
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Now that the journey is over, and the constant stress of planning and moving is complete, I have the time, energy and will to finally get this baby weight off.

Thursday, we joined the YMCA. I went back later that day and did 30 minutes of elliptical cardio, with the incline on 4, and the resistance on 1. Racked up 2.06 mi. Afterward, I did lat pulldowns (15@50#), shoulder press (15@55#), and ab machine (15@50#).

Friday, I went back for more elliptical, did 30 mins at 4 incline, 2 resistance, and managed 2.21 mi. Afterward, I did lat pulldowns (15@50#), shoulder press (15@55#), ab machine (15@50#), and added in seated row (20@40#).

Saturday, I actually managed to get to the beginner's Pilates class at 8:30am. The instructor was great. She focused on form and individual attention. I don't know if it was already her plan for the class, but she really focused on core and hip, which is exactly what I needed.

Sunday, I am resting. I woke up feeling like cold taffy, but in a kind of satisfying way. My back is feeling good, coming into better alignment.

This is my plan for the week:

Monday: 30 mins elliptical + nautilus
Tuesday: 5:30pm Pilates w/ Kristen
Wednesday: 45 minutes lap swimming + spa
Thursday: 10:30am Pilates w/ Pam
Friday: 30 mins elliptical + nautilus
Saturday: 8:30am Pilates w/ Kristen
Sunday: REST

Based on loose calculations, that amount of activity effectively negates an entire day's worth of calories from the week.

I have been tracking food on my phone using the My Fitness Pal app. I have managed to stay under 1500 calories every day, with some days being 'adjusted' to below 1200 due to logged exercise.

This is strictly a numbers game. Calories in versus calories out, and I'm trying to enforce portion size awareness. No gimmicks this time, although I am avoiding processed carbs and sugars, because they are unnecessary calorie sinks that encourage rebound hunger. I'm also cooking mainly with chicken and fish, because they are leaner and somewhat cleaner than pork and beef.
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