Jan. 18th, 2008

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I had a really vivid, detailed dream last night, with the passage of time and everything. I could swear there was even a montage. The plot of the dream seemed to span at least a month. It was about zombies, as usual, but this dream was more about the interpersonal aspects of being thrust into a survival situation. I found myself the leader of a few dozen people in a large mall, with a movie theater in it. I was in the theater watching a movie when the outbreak started. We heard screams outside before any zombies made it into the theater where we were, and we managed to barricade ourselves in, and eventually fight our way out.

The zombies in this dream were really slow zombies, so as long as we were careful and didn't panic, we were able to systematically clean out the mall. I arranged several daily check-ins, and everyone would gather in the movie theater I had designated as our HQ, and I would do a roll call. If anyone who had been assigned a patrol was missing, we would mobilize a rescue team to hopefully find our missing person, or at least put them out of their undead misery if they were already bitten.

The funniest part of the dream was what we called our little settlement... Snowball City. We called it that because we had about a snowball's chance in hell, and we were clearly in hell.

Do I dream of leading the resistance often? Actually, yes.

There was actually a 'scene' in my dream, just before I was appointed leader when someone stops me in the middle of a highly technical spiel about what we're up against and says "WHY do you know so much about this?" I just looked at them and said "I've always been really paranoid."

Regardless of what 'type' of zombies we'd be dealing with, there would have to be some neural/electrical activity present to coordinate muscle movements enough to attack, so it's commonly assumed that a headshot would be most effective in taking one down. Unfortunately, we didn't have access to any firearms.

Fortunately, we were dealing with slow zombies, so a few baseball bats scavenged from the sporting goods department were good enough, as long as they were in steady hands. The biggest enemy was fear. There was a 'scene' in which I taunted and dodged a single zombie for about 15 minutes while lecturing my ragtag band on zombie behavior, demonstrating how inept our foes were, as long as we kept our wits -- our greatest weapon -- about us.

I started delegating responsibility, let the weaker people be in charge of rationing and roll call, let the stronger ones take charge of clear-out and supply gathering... it worked surprisingly well. We busted a hole in the skylight ceiling above the food court and put out buckets for rain collection, and burned the corpses we cleared out on the roof of the parking structure.

I woke up just as we were getting ready to roll out of the parking structure in some reinforced vehicles, in search of supplies, survivors or salvation.

Are these recurring dreams a result of too much survival horror ingestion, or was I born to lead the resistance?

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