Apr. 16th, 2008

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It was so hard to come in to work today. The weather is perfectly perfect, and Erik made coffee and opened all the windows while I was in the bath. Jack the Shoekiller was looking all cute laying in a sunbeam and the air smelled so nice, and I've barely seen Erik for the last week, but I dragged my ass in here.

Jack, f.k.a. "the best dog ever", lost his title when we came home Monday to discover that he'd eaten one each of my hand-knit felted slippers and my very favorite black leather Born wedge sandals, which happen to be discontinued and impossible to replace. Wedges don't seem to be in vogue this year, so I don't know what I'm going to find to replace them.

If I had my way, I would have stayed in bed for at least another hour with Erik, then made a nice big breakfast. Then we would have gone for a nice walk, and then spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around in sunbeams.

Of course, this weekend is going to be chilly and damp. Of course.
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I had the strangest dream this morning. There was an ArsClan LAN in Paris, but something strange happened on the flight over the Atlantic, and when we landed, we discovered ourselves in an alternate present. It seemed as if a form of neocon-fascism obsessed with Reagan worship had acheived global domination.

We were all wandering around, bewildered, when we were grabbed by some men-in-black, who we at first assumed were gestapo, but when we got to their headquarters, it turned out they were a resistance, led by Robert Downey, Jr., who was smoking the same kind of menthol cigarettes I used to like. He bummed one to me, and all of the Ars people were surprised. "You smoke cigarettes?" Only sometimes, I told them, maybe 3 per year, and that at the moment, I kind of needed it.

So we were being briefed on how to go back in time and prevent the neocon-fascists from taking power, and then all of a sudden the whole city started to flood violently. Everyone had to leave the underground headquarters, and we were running from the water. Erik switched into some kind of weird mode like Starbuck-just-knows-where-Earth-is, and led us to several secret-agent-style stashes of money and documents. He handed me a big white canvas bag heavy with gold pieces, and just as I was clearing everything out of my backpack except for my laptop to make room for the money, I woke up.

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