Nov. 4th, 2001

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Joel finally beat me at rummy today. It took him 8 rounds of 500 to do it, but he did it. I was so glad. I love to play rummy, but I hate winning every time. It's hard to find a worthy opponent, and he definitely gives me a run for my money! Speaking of, I need to teach him how to play poker. He never learned, and that is an affront to my very southernness!

We got up and had a lovely wake & bake session, then I made breakfast; goetta & eggs, with cinnamon coffee. Much enjoyed. After three rounds of rummy, my old friend Sarah J. stopped by. I rarely see her, so even though the visit was short, I was glad to see her. She told me she's having a breast reduction on the 15th. I'm so happy for her! She has wanted this for years, and she honestly needs it. She has a very petite build and her poor little back can't handle those big old things!

After Sarah left, we drove up to Joel's house to get his headset for work, and a change of clothes and toothbrush. We talked about how nice it will be when we get our own place. I'm really starting to think he's serious about this! I'm glad, because I am too. I think we could really cohabitate peacefully, happily and creatively. Maybe Phil can come with us, and we can share a big 2 bedroom. If we find Phil a nice girl...

Anyway, more about him later. Work was OK, it went pretty fast because I'm not used to being so busy. I started the scarf I'm crocheting over AGAIN. Perfectionism... grrr.

Now I'm waiting for Joel to get out of the shower. He has to detangle his hair and that usually takes about an hour. His hair naturally dreads if he's not careful. I bought him conditioner today. Domestication... how novel.
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I guess I should talk about my brainchild. See, Phil and I have a brainchild together. He approached me a few months ago about being the Director of Photography for a film he is writing and producing. I was totally jazzed about the idea and signed right up. As things developed, we started working more closely together. Now I'm helping him revise the screenplay, and I'm adding quite a few of my own jokes. I can't wait to get started on it. I'll write more later, Joel is bugging me to help him detangle his hair. One day it's "braid my hair" the next it's "unbraid my hair."


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