Nov. 20th, 2001

Crappy Day

Nov. 20th, 2001 04:38 pm
savvyarchive: (redryden)
Ugh. I woke up this morning with a terrible headache, took a shower and 1,000 mg Naproxen Sodium and went back to bed. I had some weird dreams. Naproxen is weird because it makes me limp, but I'm still mentally active, so I had twisted, lucid dreams from trying to be awake but not being able to move.

There was a part where I was in a large house that had one of those lap pools where the water just shoots out at you so you swim in place. My ex, Greg, was in the pool, and I though he looked funny because he's so tall and the pool was so little. I walked up to talk to him, and I switched off the water. It was only when the water stopped that I realized he was naked. I tried to hand him a towel, but he grabbed my wrist and dragged me into the pool, and started yelling at me, telling me that I left him when he needed me most. Then he was ranting about me being a pretentious, hypocritical bitch with overexpectations. I looked at his eyes, which were bright grey (yes, it's possible) and oddly covered in makeup. I remember thinking, OK, I see Greg in eyeliner all the time, but the water made it all runny and it streaked all over his face and gave him a cadaverous look. Just as I reached up with the towel to wipe his eyes, I blinked and he was another person, with brown eyes, saying the same things all over again. Only this time, instead of looking hurt in the eyes, he looked cold and smug, yet angry and alone. It just kept getting worse until I woke up with this overwhelmeing feeling of guilt.

I woke up in time to fix myself an omelette and go to the dentist, where I had two fillings done. I still can't feel my tongue or the right side of my face. My dentist is really nice and gentle though, so it wasn't too terribly bad, especially since the cavities were on the outside of my molar and they didn't have to jack my jaw open with pliers.

After that, I went to the chiropractor and my head feels much better. I'm just a little weak still from the Naproxen and shaky from the Novocaine.

I bought some more chenille on sale at Michael's today, so I can work on an afghan for my mom's Christmas present.

On one good note, it looks like my stalker's wrath has been distracted. The website she has devoted to slandering me actually had an entry about someone else. O, God, how long will it last?

Probably not long, because I'm going to the club tomorrow night for the pre-Turkey blast, and I'm pretty sure there will be another attempted confrontation from them. I am going to do my best to ignore it all. I used to derive a sick amusement from all this, but it's really gotten out of hand. I want it over more than ever, because it's gotten to the point of me seriously talking to my lawyer and drafting a civil suit. It's written up, I just don't want to have to file it, because that means a big fucking hassle, and I'm trying to concentrate on school right now.

I think I'll go leave some kindly notes for people, as you will hopefully do for me now, because it seems like when you write something deep, noone ever responds. I wouldn't bare it if I didn't want to share it.

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