Dec. 5th, 2001

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Well, I just finished watching an episode of Homocide, for my Broadcast Criticism class. I was actually quite interesting. A guy was pushed into a subway train, and got basically cut in half, but was still alive. They knew that as soon as he was moved, he would die. The tried not to tell him, but he figured it out from context. The episode was a kind of spiritual hypothetical. The homocide cops were interviewing a victim. How often do you get to do that? Anyway, the ending was great, because they were searching for his girlfriend, who was out jogging, throught the entire episode, so she could say goodbye... as they put his body in the ambulance, she jogged past, unaware.

That's fucked-up, Daisy.

So I'm waiting until 6pm to get into the Avid suite. The person who is supposed to be in there right now didn't show up, but my after-hours pass isn't good for 75 minutes. Campus pigs are really anal. If it says 6, you get in at 6, no earlier.

I wish I could think of something more creative, meaningful, or even oddly clever, but I am so stressed, that eveything just cramps up when I try to think.

We were walking to my car today, so that I could show my friend Mikey my glass bong (he wants to help deflower it) when we ran into a guy from one of Mikey's classes. Mikey said hello, and the guy asked him why he was skipping the final. I watched the blood drain from his face as he realized that he had 25 minutes left, AND he was stoned. ack.

It's Fall semester finals week, and I'm running around barefoot with no jacket. We had a record high temperature of 71 degrees today. How fucking neat-o is that? It's already dark though...

Since I'm pretty sure no one has read past the weather thing, I'll talk about this. I want to know why I can't quit staring at the train wreck. My life would be so much simpler if I could remove myself from the whole thing. I'm beginning to think that I don't care if the outcome is positive or negative. I'm better off without even trying to save it. No matter who actually loses, everyone gets hurt in the end, somehow...
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I just watched a cheerleader pick her wedgie.

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