Nov. 24th, 2001

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Well, folks, the time has come. After a rather petty argument with my parents (the details of which I will spare you from) I have made the decision to fly. It is not a rash decision born of anger, or a childish notion unsupported financially. I can afford it... WE can afford it, Joel and I. There are a lot of issues that must be addressed, and quite a lot of things that must be put in order. I want to be out by the end of the year.

We're browsing the Apartment Guide and making lists, preparing speeches for skeptical and protective family members, justifying moral issues, and painting dreams of domestic tranquility.

I'm scared in a strange way. It's not really fear, just excitement and some apprehension. There is some self-doubt going on, some "is this a good idea?" Can I? Will I? Should I?

I feel that I have set a goal for myself now, and even though my mom has apologized (of her own volition) I think it's time to go. The morning before she apologized, she came to me while I was brushing my teeth and told me that I should leave when my insurance settlement comes. I am planning to. Even if she changes her mind and begs me to stay, I will leave. Even if my dad bribes me to stay, I will leave. Even if they guilt me, I will leave. If they threaten me, I will DEFINITELY leave.

We're looking at 2 bedroom apartments in the $550-$600 range, on the Northern Kentucky side of the river, for cheaper tuition and close proximity to work. We don't HAVE to have the 2nd bedroom, but we think an office is a good idea.

I am going to my brother's house Monday, so his wife can do my nails. I'm gonna have CLAWS! Anyway, she will hopefully be a good resource in all of this, because she has been through the same thing. We're so close, and I'm so glad. My sister-in-law is more like a real sister to me.

Well, off to spend some quality time with my sweetie.
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Work sucked yesterday... must've entered 4,000 trouble tickets because I sat at the slow line. That made sense to one person on LJ...

After work, came home, raided fridge and stash. Drove to Hyde Park, smoked and got some sweet lovin'. Passed out until 5:38am. Drove home, passed Dad in driveway. (He was going fishing.)

Slept until 2:45pm. Bathed, preened, ate leftover dumplings. Yum. Sated internet addiction.

Updated LJ.

So exciting. I suppose I will ramble about something existential now, something deep and intellectual, bringing great meaning to the insignificant facets of life and love.

Or not.

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